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Street “Dervish Hima”, Residence “Ambasador 3” 17th floor, no. 134, Tirana, Albania

Scanderbeg Vip Lounge

Scanderbeg VIP Lounge, comes as an ethereal embrace of a space adorned with the echoes of Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu’s indomitable spirit.
The entire interior design of the lounge unfolds as a captivating narrative, each element meticulously curated to tell the story of Skënderbeu’s gallantry, creating a living and breathing tale of history, presented with elegance for every guest to experience.
The portrait of the hero in the main entrance carved artistically with great passion from our artists, makes one feel this strong passion for our history. The contour of Kanina Castle unfolds across the expansive mural on the entrance of the lounge. The silhouette of Kanina Castle is not just a visual spectacle, but it is a homage to the roots that run deep, a tribute to the city that birthed legends. The dedicated lighting of the mural makes it a strong element of the interior.
We used metaphorical elements, intertwining symbolism seamlessly to imbue the space with deeper meaning and resonate with its intended narrative. The wood material is used as a chosen element that symbolizes the unity he forged in the regions of Albania.
Each column like a sentinel of history, whispers tales of unity and resilience.

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